Finalto offers a wide range of services and solutions, to create the perfect technology proposition for your business.

In-house experts

Our dedicated team of in-house experts work tirelessly to craft bespoke integrations, execution and trade engines, real-time analytics, API connections and much more to seamlessly operate as a stand-alone solution or integrated into your existing technology.

End-to-end solutions

Finalto offers a complete end-to-end solution consisting of front-end platforms, back-office administration, trading tools, pricing tools and enhanced connectivity. We offer clients the flexibility to opt for our full suite of services or to select any individual component to strengthen their existing capabilities.

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360 is a broker-specific ecosystem designed to run a multi-brand and multi-entity broker efficiently developed by our parent company Finalto. It consists of the Brain, a central management system that coordinates all broker activity, and a GUI that interacts with traders.

Why Finalto 360?

Customizable frame to access multiple financial asset classes such as CFD, SB, DMA, QuantRanks Investment strategies via a single interface.

Compliant with multiple regulatory regimes. Our solution supports multiple jurisdictions and is adaptable to the industry’s ever evolving regulatory framework.

All systems are securely hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Multi-tenant architecture is designed to securely partition each client’s data whilst leveraging shared infrastructure, allowing to reduce operational cost.

A number of best execution tools run throughout our system, helping to monitor and compare the customers’ order execution with independent market participants.

Finalto 360 can adapt according to the specifics and nature of partner’s business.

Wide range of APIs to transfer trading data, leads and money giving the partner full flexibility to control and migrate the data to and from any software


We offer a variety of packages aimed at transforming your business whatever your needs. Contact our team today to discover how Finalto 360 can take your brokerage to the next level.

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