Risk management tools

Designed and developed by industry experts with decades of experience, Finalto’s proprietary risk management tools empower you to comfortably manage risk books according to your own risk & return preferences by providing you with a real-time overview of your positions, P/L and clients across multiple locations, systems and trading platforms, fully netted and reconciled in real time. Configure automated hedging strategies, risk limits and tolerances, concentration NOPs, and much more on the fly, enabling you to control your risk at all times.


Liquidity aggregation and risk management configurations

  • Create and edit liquidity settings in real time
  • Create and edit risk settings in real time
  • Customise various risk control measures
  • Currency netting
  • Cross-margining
  • Customisable risk actions to control liquidations
  • Advanced B-book functionality to manage NOP, hedge strategies and liquidity management
  • On-the-fly risk adjustments with automatic book reconciliation
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Monitor real-time client and hedge exposure

  • Consolidate or manage multiple risk books
  • Business intelligence – search and analyse trading patterns
  • Real-time account information, exposure watch P&L, pricing and margin utilisation
  • Multi-platform risk management tool (ClearPro/MT4/MT5)
  • Manage risk for different geographical locations (LD4/NY4/TY3)


Several options to set up risk books

  • Risk can be controlled by configuring maximum NOP allowances across books, products and clients
  • Risk can be managed by 3 strategies: manually, trade aggregation or by applying a hedge ratio
  • Exposure will be hedged automatically to market if risk parameters are breached
  • Liquidity management can be applied to manage the risk book by applying replenishing methods to mimic an STP book
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